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Arduino Programmation Basics

  In this tutorial, we’ll see the basics of the Arduino programming langage. Once you understand this post, you will be able to understand all the other posts/tutorials on this website, you will also have algorithmic skills and it will be easy for you to learn other programmation langages. If the Arduino is not clear for you, I advice to look at the Essential of The Arduino. Introduction questions. What is a programming langage ?

Essential of the Arduino

In this tutorial, you will understand how an Arduino platform is working, how to use it and its utility in our projects. What is an Arduino ? The Arduino is a programming electronic platform (micro-controller)  which allow interaction in the “real world”. Thereby, the Arduino got “Pin(s)” which will be used as inputs or outputs depending of the project that we are realizing. Kind of inputs : a temperature sensor, a motion detector, an electronic switch… Kind of