R2 – Upgrade Kit


Upgrade your Robot with this R2 kit.

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Robomotic presents :

Make your Robot evolve !

Add new functions to your Robot !

Thanks to the new chassis, your robot will be working with 4 wheels which leads into a better stability and enough place to customize it !

What you will learn :

  • Multiply the Arduino capacity with breadboards.
  • Decode Infrared Signals (like ones from a TV remote).
  • Use these signals to control and modify the working scheme of your robot.
  • Use the Serial monitor to communicate and interact in real time with the Arduino.
  • Add more functions to your code thanks to librairies downloaded from the Internet (use of Github).
  • More and more notions like librairies conflicts gestion or some control structures.

The R2 Upgrade kit contains :

  • 2 Motors.
  • 2 Wheels.
  • 1 Infrared Kit (remote and receiver).
  • 1 Breadboard.
  • 1 CR2025 Battery.

You will also access to downloadable files :

  • Complete documentation for your robot (mounting, cabling and programming).
  • A montage video showing you step by step the mounting of all your components.
  • Necessary drivers to activate your Arduino board (with documentation too).

A tested kit approved by our students.

Thanks to this traineeship, the Robomotic team were able to make a full documentation accessible for beginners. More about it here.

Never been so easy to code with Robomotic.


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