R1 – Full Kit


Create your own robot with the help of this complete R1 kit.

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Robomotic presents :

Create your own Robot !

With this starter pack (R1), you will be able to mount and program you robot, the easy way.

New R1 are there ! (R1 – revision 2)

  • No more driver needed to activate the Arduino.
  • New Arduino based on the official model UNO R3.
  • Way more cheaper price.

What you will learn :

  • Code basics :
  1. Variables and types.
  2. Control structures.
  3. Conditions.
  4. Fonctions.
  5. Debugging.
  • Electronic basics.
  • The use of an IDE (programmation environment).
  • C/C++ basics.
  • Input/Output management.

The R1 – Starter Pack contains :

  • One Arduino UNO (chipset CH340, USB cable included).
  • One motor module L298N.
  • Two motors with wheels.
  • One AA battery holder (for 4 batteries).
  • Four AA batteries.
  • Some Male/Female and Male/Male jumpers (=wires).
  • A chassis.
  • A caster wheel.
  • Some screws.

You will also access to downloadable files :

  • Complete documentation for your robot (mounting, cabling and programming).
  • A montage video showing you step by step the mounting of all your components.
  • Necessary drivers to activate your Arduino board (with documentation too).

A tested kit approved by our students.

Thanks to this traineeship, the Robomotic team were able to make a full documentation accessible for beginners. More about it here.

Never been so easy to code with Robomotic.


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